Monarch Hunting Products is a family owned and operated business. Our family has enjoyed a hunting lifestyle with over 127 years of combined experience. Our dedication is to bring this experience to you with feeders, free-choice, blinds, and tripod stands that will make your hunting just as enjoyable.

Monarch automatic deer and animal feeders are designed for the seasoned hunter, pro hunter, and outfitter as well as the beginning enthusiasts. Our feeders have precise and dependable digital timers which allow you to maintain a strict feed schedule. Monarch feeders are used for excellent game and range management in order to attract and hold a substantial amount of game on ranches, paid hunting leases or public lands.

When used with proper feed, our feeders work well to attract white tail or mule deer, elk, exotics, wild hogs, quail, turkey, dove and fish. Our feeders may also be used for regular feed schedules for domesticated animals. Proper feed can build stronger, healthier animals with bigger bodies and racks. Outdoor enthusiasts can place feeders on acreage to attract animals and fowl to study, view, and enjoy the beauty of wildlife.

Monarch Animal Feeders takes a basic approach to manufacturing our containers to control costs, while our timer units are the most accurate and dependable products available. We recycle reconditioned 55 gallon, animal safe barrels. At Monarch, we paint with a color that blends in with the terrain. We do not manufacture using costly airbrushed or lithographed decorations or logos, and we pass the savings on to you.

We understand that you'll need additional information and have some questions, so call at 1-888-647-3449. Our service, guarantee and prices can't be beat. Ask any Monarch customer.


Monarch Hunting Products